Notes for Seniors

"The unspoken COVID-19 toll on the elderly is loneliness."

👉 Social isolation puts the elderly at risk of many chronic health conditions.

Our Solution

💌 Sending heartfelt messages to senior citizens facing social isolation.

How it Works

  1. Anyone can submit a heartfelt note through our site.
  2. We print & send them to meal delivery service centers for the elderly.
  3. The notes get distributed among meal baskets to be sent to seniors.
From ABC News (
From ABC News (

Send a Note

  • Guidelines

    1. Be kind – you’re trying to encourage them!
    2. Share something general, such as "a third grader from Kansas."
    3. Address it to one person ("you"), not "you guys." Example Hi friend, I bet you're feeling scared and tired. I bet you're feeling alone. But I want you to know that you're brave. You are able. You are strong. You are not alone even if it feels that way. Love, a student from Colorado